1502, 2018

One in five homeowners are now open to equity release

One in five homeowners are now open to equity release According to recent research undertaken by Legal & General, one if five homeowners would now consider equity release as a way to unlock the cash [...]

2211, 2017

Q3 Lending rises by £800 Million in the Equity Release Sector

New equity release plans rise by a third as lending passes £800 million in a single quarter for first time Over-55s withdrew a total of £824 million of property wealth from their homes via equity [...]

1809, 2017

Equity Release now available on buy to let properties.

Retirement Advantage has launched a range of equity release options aimed at landlords. Retirement Advantage's "landlord options" range gives borrowers the choice to pay off the full amount at the end of loan, pay the [...]

2806, 2017

Pensions vs property: which is best for your retirement plan?

A proper retirement plan will include both property AND a traditional pension. Here's why: Pension or property. Property or pension. When it comes to saving for retirement, many of us are split on the best [...]

2405, 2017

What’s the best way to release equity for home improvements?

Q. I would like to know more about equity release. I am a homeowner with no mortgage on my house. I cleared my mortgage back in 2013 when my endowment policy reached maturity. I would [...]