1. Check for existing clients that have taken interest only mortgages and are over the age of 55. Many people within this group won’t have savings. As they near the end of their mortgage term with little savings and no method of repayment, a lifetime mortgage can provide the most financially viable option of staying in their existing home long term.
  1. First time buyers. It can be hard for first time buyers to get onto the property ladder. Many can afford the monthly repayments (renters) but don’t have the capital for an initial deposit. Often parents and grandparents are eager to help their offspring and releasing the money tied up within their home can be the perfect solution.
  1. Overs 60’s who can’t raise capital via a traditional mortgage. As people are working and living longer, it’s not unusual for older people to want to move home or carry out homeimprovements. Main stream lenders still have restrictions when it comes to lending to partners and individuals once they are over 55.
  1. Referrals from professional contacts such as solicitors and accountants. Or any other professionals that regularly come into contact with people within the target groups.